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Cozumel is Mexico’s largest island, whose name means “Island of the Swallows.” It is known as a haven for divers and anamazing place for snorkeling. But, Cozumel has much more to offer its visitors.  While the beach clubs alongside the western side offer its visitors a plethora of activities, the south side is rustic and laid back giving glimpses of the past and the presence of pirates.  To have a good look at Cozumel we recommend renting a car and traveling the coast to the south. On your way, stop at the quaint town of “Cedral.”  Continue to “Punta Sur” or south point.


There is an amazing lighthouse that now serves as a museum of artifacts.  Walk to the top and check out the amazing and breathtaking views!  Stop at a beach club for some fresh “ceviche,”  Travel back to town, visit the museum in town, do some great shopping, take in dinner and call it a day on this amazing island!


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