• Whale Sharks Spotted in Paradise!

    Whale shark season is in full swing off Cancún’s coast. If you’ve never had the opportunity to dive, swim, or snorkel alongside these docile creatures, now is the time! I had the opportunity to swim with these amazing animals some time ago and I am ready to do it again!These gentle beasts create a lot of excitement from early June to September each year in the waters off the Yucatan Peninsula’s coast, and for good reason – travelers living in the Americas need not travel a great distance or overseas to see these animals.

    Whale sharks are the largest fish in the world. How large? Well, let’s imagine the size of a school bus! They can weigh as much as 20 tons and are more than 40 feet in length! While whale sharks are migratory animals, they aggregate in the warm, tropical waters all over the world to feed on the rich plankton, krill and fish eggs.

    Luckily, for us, they trek off the coast of Cancún, near the islands of Holbox and the bird and wildlife sanctuary island of Isla Contoy, calling all curious, adventurous thrill-seekers to share their paths. As they command their audience, these spectacular animals never cease to amaze friends visiting from all corners of the globe, even if these mammoth grazers are only here feeding for a short period of time.

    While the animals are happily nourishing themselves in one of the Peninsula’s gardens of Eden, the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas or (CONANP), as well as other agencies are controlling and protecting the endangered mammals by monitoring visitors and boats.Eco-tours start off early in the morning from Isla Mujeres, Holbox, or the Cancún shoreline. Guests are transported to the whale shark feeding site, which is approximately a 45-minute boat ride. Visitors are provided instruction with professional and eco-driven tour guides. Spotters are used to locate the path of the whale shark. The Whale Shark tours are guaranteed 100 percent!

    At first glance you may feel a little intimidated and overwhelmed with adrenalin by the whale shark’s massive size, physical attributes and tranquility. After the swimming and snorkeling adventure, the boat travels to one of the Peninsula’s beautiful reefs to allow its visitors to swim and snorkel in a pristine and protected area.

    While guests enjoy the reef, the crew prepares a tasty lunch usually of “ceviche”, or fish salad, a classic Caribbean favorite made from fresh fish marinated in freshly squeezed lime juice, cilantro, chopped onion and tomatoes, served with “totopos” triangular, lightly fried or baked corn tortillas, and of course, topped with homemade fresh salsas such as a habanero, tamarindo or chipotle and served with beverages and freshly sliced tropical fruit! After lunch is served, the boat departs back to shore to complete this extraordinary adventure.

    VIP tours are carefully planned and customized by exclusive concierges. The personalized service enables guests to rent out an entire yacht, giving its visitors more opportunities to swim and snorkel with these astonishing animals, not to mention the privacy the guests will have on their own luxurious boat, the glamour, and undoubtedly, the added fun and excitement with their own group of guests!

    If you are lucky enough to have the chance to swim and snorkel alongside these gentle creatures I highly recommend it! Without a doubt, you will cherish the fond memories and the lifetime experience while you wonder what more can this paradise on the Peninsula share with you?

    Isla Mujeres, the “Island of the Women,” will hold its annual “Whale Shark Festival” on the weekend of July 14th for this endangered species. This family-friendly event will showcase local cuisine, artisans, and dance.

    Let us recommend and/or arrange your private villa or property for your visit to paradise – the Riviera Maya, that is! You’ll receive unsurpassed attention, including 24/7 exclusive and personalized concierge services before and throughout your visit!

    See you in Paradise!


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